Minstrelsy and Mummery


Welcome to my project blog.     My name is Judith Fitzhenry and I study / practice “divers minstrelsy”, primarily storytelling and singing with a side of contrafacting (original words to historical base tunes) and occasional masked mumming.


The ongoing project which informs the most recent entries (“Daily {?} Captain Cox”) is my attempt to map and link digitized versions of English stories, all from a list attributed to a mason and minstrel named Captain Cox.      The list is a passage from a lengthy letter by Robert Laneham / Langham, ostensibly describing the lavish entertainments arranged by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to Kenilworth / Killingworth Castle.

Google books has an online copy of Laneham’s letter here:


The research upon which this project is built was done in the 19th century by a scholar named Frederick J. Furnivall, published in his book “Captain Cox; his ballads and books”.     There is a copy of it online here:



More info about Langham’s letter and Captain Cox  (including the list of Captain Cox’s impressive library / repertoire)  is in the first series entry here:  https://sndsfnny.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/daily-captain-cox-arthurs-booke/


I have taught several classes on other subjects, and over time will be migrating links and class notes here from other parts of the Web.

Thanks for checking out my WordPress page!


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