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Daily (?) Captain Cox — “And az for Allmanaks of antiquitee…”

I am choosing to cover the last category’s three named entries with a single post.     Laneham mentions “Iasper Laet of Antwarp”,    “Nostradam of Frauns” and “John Securiz of Salisbury”. PEDIGREES:   Apparently, there are reams of Printer’s Licenses granted for multiple editions of each of these titles. Furnivall cites licenses for “Iasper […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox– “By a Bank As I Lay”

PEDIGREE:    Mr. Furnivall cites a manuscript (“Appendix of Royal MSS, no. 58”) for which he cites no date or date range.     I have spent a long search and come up nearly empty-handed.      If this is the same MS as “Royal Appendix 58” which I saw in part of an article […]