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Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Shepherdz Kalender”

This entry begins Laneham’s second roster of Captain Cox’s library / repertoire, the “philosophy both morall and naturall:  beside poetrie, and astronomie, and other hid sciences.” —————————————————————- Pedigree:   Mr. Furnivall lists ten separate  printings between 1503 (in Paris) and 1559 (including one by a printer known to have worked between 1546 and 1575).   […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Nutbrooun Maid”

Pedigree:   First known printing was in 1502, in Antwerp by John Doesborowcke.     It was not printed alone then, but appears “without explanation” in Richard Arnold’s untitled work known later as “The Customs of London or Arnold’s Chronicle”, which contains lists of the City of London’s  mayors, bailiffs  and sheriffs,  charters granted to […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“Elynor Rumming”

Pedigree:    Written by Poet Laureate master John Skelton during the reign of Henry VIII.    “Elynour Rummynge” does not appear separately printed as a stand-alone work in any of the records Mr. Furnivall studied.    However, he lists four printed collections (by John Kynge and Thomas Marche, Jhon Day, Richard Last, and W. Bonham). […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Fryar and the Boy”

Pedigree:   This tale dates back to at least the 15th century, and was recorded in the Porkington MS from Wales (?).     There were sixteenth century printings by Wynken de Worde (no date in Furnivall’s book, although the Hathi Trust copy is dated circa 1512), by  John Wally (c.1557-8), John Alde (c. 1568-9), […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“Collyn Clout”

Pedigree:    Mr. Furnivall lists six printings of this work (presumably before 1570 by Stationers Register records):   by Thomas Godfrey (no date listed), Rycharde Kele (no date), John Wyghte (undated), Jhon Wallye (dated “? about 1550”, Anthony Kytsen (undated), and Thomas Marshe (1568). Synopsis:    “Collyn Clout” is a  poetic satire / denouncement of […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“Skogan”

Pedigree:  “Gestes (Jests) of Skoggon (Scoggin)”    was licensed to Colwell for printing, according to the Registers, in 1566.      Of this early printing, no copies are known to have survived.    The earliest surviving printing is from 1613,  but the copy transcribed by Hazlitt (see below) is a printing from 1626, by (?) […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Seargeaunt That Became a Fryar”

Pedigree:     This poem is attributed to Sir Thomas More.     In addition to being printed in a 1557 collection of his works, it was printed by Julyan Notary (no date), and by Rycharde Jhones (no date).     Synopsis:   This poem is more of an elaboration on the idea that a […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Sak Full of Nuez”

Pedigree:    “Sackful of News”  appears in a Stationers’ Register entry, licensed for printing to John Kynge, in 1557-58, and subsequently in 1581-82 and 1586, but none of those printings survived in the known collections in Furnivall’s day.     William Carew Hazlitt stated in his collection that “There cannot be much doubt” that Kynge’s […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Wife Lapt In a Morel’s Skin”

Pedigree:    The Stationers’ Registry entry for this poem has no date, “printed in Fleet Street…at the sign of Saint John Evangelist, by H(ugh) Jackson”.   Furnivall stated it pre-dated both 1594’s “The Taming of A Shrew” (which wasn’t the Shakespeare play) and “The Taming of THE Shrew (which…was), although the poem has elements in […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Seven Wise Masters”

Pedigree:   Also known (in somewhat altered form) as “The Seven Sages of Rome”, this cycle of tales originated in Asia, and found its way to a number of versions in a number of countries.    The earliest known version in English is a fourteenth century manuscript, and the Stationers Registers list multiple sixteenth century […]