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Daily (?) Captain Cox: “Hey ding a ding”…and Some Lost Works

Of the next four ballads listed,   “Over A Whinny, Meg”,   “Bonny Lass Upon A Green”,   and “My Bonny One Gave Me A Beck” were not extant in Mr. Furnivall’s day, and a  cursory Internet search does not lead to any further information regarding them now    :::sad face::: “HEY DING A DING” […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox: “So Well iz me begon”

PEDIGREE:    Mr. Furnivall refers to a collection by Joseph Ritson titled “Ancient Songs and Ballads, From the Reign of King Henry II to the Revolution”, for the surviving text of this ballad.      Ritson’s entry for the ballad places it in a British Museum manuscript (Sloan MS 1584) believed to have been scribed […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox (“what a bunch of ballets and songs, all auncient:”)– “Broom, Broom on Hil”

This next portion of the Captain’s library lists seven songs, then sums up “and a hundred more, he hath, fair wrapt vp in Parchment, and bound with a whipcord.”    Those of us who follow after Laneham, and the Captain, and Furnivall, may want to take a moment to process our frustration with the period […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Doctor Boords Breviary of Health”

PEDIGREE:   When I did a search on EEBO for this book written by Andrew Boorde, six colophons returned, three of which were for printings before 1575: –Imprynted at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the George next to saynt Dunstones churche : By Wylllyam Myddelton, In the yere of our Lorde M.CCCCC.xlvii [1547], […]