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Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Danielz Dreamz”

Pedigree:    Furnivall begins his commentary on this work with the words  “I cannot find this in the British Museum or at Lambeth, in Hazlitt’s “Handbook” or Collier’s “Bibliographical Catalogue”.   He then transcribes an entry by a Mr. Lowndes, which contains a colophon by printer Richard Wyer.      My online searches have provided […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox–“The Ship of Fools”

Before plunging back into the list, I want to express gratitude to any readers for your patience during a forced sick leave.    Onward and upward  8) ————————————————————-   Pedigree:   Furnivall cites two sixteenth-century English printings, in translation, of this German poem by Sebastian Brandt (original title  “Das Narrenschiff”), first published in 1494.   […]