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Interlude (not part of Captain Cox’s List) — “Dane Hew Monk of Leicester”

While looking at the next item on Laneham’s  / Captain Cox’s list (“The Hy Way to the Spitl-House”), I went looking for a copy of the work in  William Carew Hazlitt’s “Remains of Early Popular Poetry  of England”  (1866, four volumes).     Before I located it, however (in Vol. 4), I found (in Volume […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Stans Puer ad Mensam”

Pedigree:  This poem was rendered from the original Latin into English by (it is believed) John Lydgate in the 15th century.      Frederick Furnivall mentions numerous sixteenth-century printings both alone and as part of larger collections.    He specially paid attention to Wynken de Worde’s three printings,  surviving copies of which are/were in the […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox — “The Booke of Fortune”

Pedigree– Mr. Furnivall refers first to a tract printed by Robert Wyer (The colophon in the museum copy contained no date), attributed to Sir Thomas More.       However, he refers to this tract as a prologue, meant to accompany and precede a longer work called  “The Book Of Fortune”, and not to BE […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox — Source Update

I spent a few hours at the Performing Arts Library last Saturday,  and I can report the following:   — NYPL computers do enjoy access to EEBO   –Not all books on EEBO have been rendered into modern text.     The copy of “Mad Men of Gotham”  I printed out several years ago had […]