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Mask Performance / Mummings — A Bibliography

A FEW ILLUSTRATIONS FROM MANUSCRIPTS From the Roman de Fauvel, France, circa 1316.   Citizens forming a charivari (masked, noismaking protest): From the Romance of Alexander,  late 14th century.   A line of masked dancers with a large monk holding a club behind them:–Bodl–264?sort=Shelfmark BOOKS ABOUT MASKS / MUMMING / PHYSICAL MOVEMENT: […]

Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”–An Elizabethan Rustic Translation (link to an online transcription)

I taught a class I call “A Storybook Petting Zoo” this weekend.   Many of the stories I ask students to read, from primary source transcriptions, are short, funny pieces from 16th century jestbooks.    This weekend, I had a student who was looking for a more specific kind of story, for a Pennsic class […]

Class Notes: “Get Your Wit Out Of The Hundred Merry Tales”

:::::Runs damp duster over blog::::: It has been too long since I posted over here  8) This is a class I have taught at the SCA’s Pennsic War and other events for several years, will likely teach again in the future. ——————————————————– GET YOUR WIT OUT OF THE HUNDRED MERRY TALES “I would wish you […]

An Oldie But Goodie–“Henry the V…Minutes”

I first wrote this piece in (I think) 2003.   A local SCA group had been holding “The Agincourt Memorial Tournament” for many years, complete with a “battle” where the fighters chose to fight as English or French, and an archery shoot.   I was surprised that there hadn’t been incorporation of the play in […]

From Tale to Telling–“Virgil’s Inheritance”

Another “story diary” entry, of a tale from a collection rendered on Captain Cox’s / Laneham’s bibliography as “Virgil’s Life”.        The text is from a secondary (I think) source:   “A Collection of Early Prose Romances” (Vol. II), William J. Thoms, Ed.,    London (William Pickering, Chancery Lane). Blog entry for “Virgil’s […]

From Tale to Telling: “Maldon”

I am shifting gears a bit, to generate (in the manner of a clothier’s “dress diary”, a “story diary” to demonstrate my adaptation process. An SCA performer called Rosalind Jehanne has written a compelling song called “The Battle of Maldon”, which Lynette de Gallardon taught at a “teaching bardic circle” a number of years ago. […]

Captain Cox’s Repertoire / Library — A List Of Online Stories / Songs / Poems

This is meant to be a summary of the past months’ work (and individual entries) to locate (mostly) free, (mostly) unrestricted online copies of stories, plays, ballads, almanacs and jest-books from a sixteenth-century list.     In 1575,    one Robert Laneham / Langham detailed the myriad of entertainments provided for the delectation of Queen […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox — “And az for Allmanaks of antiquitee…”

I am choosing to cover the last category’s three named entries with a single post.     Laneham mentions “Iasper Laet of Antwarp”,    “Nostradam of Frauns” and “John Securiz of Salisbury”. PEDIGREES:   Apparently, there are reams of Printer’s Licenses granted for multiple editions of each of these titles. Furnivall cites licenses for “Iasper […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox– “By a Bank As I Lay”

PEDIGREE:    Mr. Furnivall cites a manuscript (“Appendix of Royal MSS, no. 58”) for which he cites no date or date range.     I have spent a long search and come up nearly empty-handed.      If this is the same MS as “Royal Appendix 58” which I saw in part of an article […]

Daily (?) Captain Cox: “Hey ding a ding”…and Some Lost Works

Of the next four ballads listed,   “Over A Whinny, Meg”,   “Bonny Lass Upon A Green”,   and “My Bonny One Gave Me A Beck” were not extant in Mr. Furnivall’s day, and a  cursory Internet search does not lead to any further information regarding them now    :::sad face::: “HEY DING A DING” […]