Daily (?) Captain Cox — “And az for Allmanaks of antiquitee…”

I am choosing to cover the last category’s three named entries with a single post.     Laneham mentions “Iasper Laet of Antwarp”,    “Nostradam of Frauns” and “John Securiz of Salisbury”.

PEDIGREES:   Apparently, there are reams of Printer’s Licenses granted for multiple editions of each of these titles.

Furnivall cites licenses for “Iasper (Jasper) Laet of Antwarp”, as well as Jasper Laet of Borchloon, John Laet  and James Laet , the last of which identified himself as the son of Jasper and grandson of John, the third in the line of this family business.     Licenses range from 1493 (to Will Caxton), to 1550.

Licenses for Almanacks by Michel Nostradamus (yes, apparently, THAT Nostradamus)  range from the year 1558 to 1556.

The Almanaks by John Securiz of Salisbury were licensed between 1562 and 1573.

SYNOPSES:   I am extrapolating here, and relating what I have been able to see, since I can’t access two of these authors.    The colophons and Register entries all mention astronomy and prognostications for the year.    One from 1543 states “In this Almanacke ye shall fynde, all the Epystles and Gospels of every Sondaye and holy daye.”   This juxtaposition of the “occult” science of prognostication with church texts looks unusual to the modern American mind (THIS modern American mind, anyway).

AVAILABILITY:  Several editions of “Prognostications of Jasper Laet of Antwarp” are  reportedly at Early English Books Online (EEBO).      The Worldcat entry for one of them is here, with a menu option to enter your local ZIP code to locate the “closest” copies:     http://www.worldcat.org/title/almanacke-and-pronostication-of-iasper-laet-for-the-yere-of-our-lorde-god-m-cccccxli/oclc/606509577

Translations of several Almanacs by Nostradamus are located on this page:

A 1574 edition of the Almanac by John Securis of Salisbury is reportedly available at EEBO.     Worldcat entry is here:  http://www.worldcat.org/title/1574-an-almanacke-and-prognostication-for-the-yere-of-our-lord-god-md-lxxiiii-whiche-yere-is-from-the-begynnyng-of-made-and-written-in-salisbury-by-iohn-securis-maister-of-art-and-phisicke/oclc/606542674&referer=brief_results


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