Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Nu Gize”

PEDIGREE:    Furnivall cites an Interlude  printed in 1573 titled “New Custome”  (“by William How for Abraham Veale”) as being, “no doubt”, the “Nu Gize (Guise?)”   mentioned in the list of Captain Cox’s plays.

SYNOPSIS:   This interlude depicts and debates some of the issues surrounding the Protestant Reformation in England.   The dramatis personae are set forth with descriptions:

The Prologue

Perverse Doctrine, an old and Popishe priest

Ignoraunce, an other but elder

New Custome, a Minister

Light of the Gospell, a Minister

Hypocrisie, an olde Woman  (!)

Creweltie, a Ruffler

Avarice, a Ruffler

Edification, a Sage

Assuraunce, a Vertue

Goddes Felicitie, a Sage

The considerate playwright then assures the reader (and any future directors?)  that “Fower may play this Enterlude” as follows:

1–Perverse Doctrine

2–Ignoraunce, Hypocrisie and Edification

3–New Custome, Avarice, Assuraunce

4–Light of the Gospell, Creweltie, Goddes Felicitie, The Prologue


Furnivall closes this entry with the observation that “The Captain’s ‘auncient plays’ were the most moral books in his library.”

AVAILABILITY:       Internet Archive contains an 1825 printing of R. Dodsley’s “A Select Collection of Old Plays”, volume 1 (of 12 or 13).      “New Custome”   begins on page 263.



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