Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Impacient Poverty” (PLACEHOLDER)

PEDIGREE:   To quote directly from Mr. Furnivall:   “No copy of this play is now known, but in D. E. Baker’s “Biographia  Dramatica (1764, continued by Is. Reed, 1782, and edited by Stephen Jones, 1812) we find the following entry on p. 828, col. 1: —  ’90. A NEWE INTERLUDE OF IMPACIENTE POVERTE, newlye Imprinted M. V. L. X.  [ We suppose 1560.–Furnivall]  4to.  This piece is in metre, and in the old black-letter; and the title-page says: Four men may well and easelye playe this Interlude.  ‘ ”

Sometime after “Captain Cox:   His Ballads and Books” was published,     some scholar somewhere appears to have unearthed a previously-unknown copy of  “Impatient Poverty”, because it appears as part of an early twentieth-century print series titled   “The Tudor Facsimile Texts”  (described by an Amazon-dot-com bookselling partner as a “scarce and desirable” series;   No, I’m not going to buy it sight unseen  8).

Fortunately for me, another editor printed the text, including the colophon at the end:   “Imprinted in London, at Paules Churche yearde at the Sygne of the Swane by Iohn Kynge.”




AVAILABILITY:   A copy of the play turned up on Internet Archive, only after a search which included the phrase “British Museum” (who now hold the original) was performed:




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