Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Hikskorner”

PEDIGREE:    There was at least one printing of this Morality Play in 1512, by Wynken de Worde (see below).

SYNOPSIS:   The personification being struggled over in this play is named  Frewyll (Free Will).    On one side is Pyte , Contemplacyon, and Perseru(v)erance, and on the other are Imagynacyon (self-described as a friend of “lawyers and all who like lies” (Furnivall, p.120.    Also, no comment…),    Frewyll’s companion upon their entrance, and Hickscorner himself.      Hickscorner describes his travels, and a large ship from Ireland full of virtues / virtuous people, which had come to grief, while he safely transported a ship full of bad people / vices safely to England where they planned to stay forever.     There are long speeches about the contemporary decay of morals, and a lost fight and confinement for Pity, before the tide turns.

AVAILABILITY:    The University of Maine at Machia graciously hosts a website called From Stage To Page, which has text transcriptions of a number of medieval and Renaissance dramas.    Hickscorner is here:


Internet Archive also has a facsimile reproduction of Wynken de Worde’s 1512 printing of the play (reproduced 1908)

here:    http://archive.org/details/hickscornerc149747worduoft


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