Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Yoothe and Charitie”

PEDIGREE:  Mr. Furnivall refers to a Stationers’ register record of 1557 to printer John Walley, for a work titled “Youth, Charity and Humility”, and also refers to copies of pieces titled “The Interlude / Enterlude of Youth” as being the same work.   A copy of “Interlude of Youth” printed by Walley was in the British Museum  (C.34, b. 24)  when Furnivall wrote his work, as well as a copy of “Enterlude of Youth” (C. 34, e. 38) printed by Wyllyam Copland.

SYNOPSIS:    This is a Morality play in which personifications of  (in one corner)   Charity and Humility , and (in the other corner)  Riot (riotous living), Pride, and Lady Lechery, contend for the personification of Youth, with a predictable outcome after a goodly amount of resistance and conflict.

AVAILABILITY:   There is a German book now in the public domain  (publ. 1905), with copies in English of both Waley’s and Copland’s printings of “The Interlude / Enterlude of Youth”.     Internet Archive links to a (Google?) copy here:



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