Daily (?) Captain Cox — Source Update

I spent a few hours at the Performing Arts Library last Saturday,  and I can report the following:


— NYPL computers do enjoy access to EEBO


–Not all books on EEBO have been rendered into modern text.     The copy of “Mad Men of Gotham”  I printed out several years ago had been so rendered.    Another work (see below) has not.


—  EEBO does have a copy of “The Dreames of Danielle”.     One of the original, pre-1600 printings.    The printing is not easy to read.    I did not have the presence of mind to print out these pages (rather, the number of pages (10) permitted from the library printer).     At some future point I may do so and attempt my own rendering into modern print.


–The Arden Shakespeare’s copy of Cymbeline (1955 edition) does indeed contain a copy of a 1560 printing of “Frederyke of Jennen”.     I copied it, with deep gratitude to editor J.M. Nosworthy, and am in the process of summarizing it for performance  8)


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