Daily (?) Captain Cox — “Danielz Dreamz”

Pedigree:    Furnivall begins his commentary on this work with the words  “I cannot find this in the British Museum or at Lambeth, in Hazlitt’s “Handbook” or Collier’s “Bibliographical Catalogue”.   He then transcribes an entry by a Mr. Lowndes, which contains a colophon by printer Richard Wyer.      My online searches have provided more of the colophon, including the printer’s address:  “dwellynge at the Sygne of seynt John Euangelyst, in seynt Martyns Paryshe, besyde Charynge Crosse.,”   with the year  1556  appearing both with and without a question mark.


Synopsis:     Richard Wyer’s colophon provides the only information I currently have about the content of this work:  ” Here begynneth the dreames of Daniell : With the exposycions of the xii sygnes deuyded by the xii monthes of the yeare. And also the destenyes both of man and woman borne in eche monthe of the yere. Very necessareye to be knowen…”

Availability:     I have been unable to locate a website with unrestricted online access to any version of this work. However, search engine pages from Yale, and William and Mary, appear to indicate that the book may be available through EEBO / Early English Books Online.      I will have to check  (NYPL, at least at one point, had EEBO access through their computers–this was how I first found “Mad Men of Gotham”).


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