Daily (?) Captain Cox–“Elynor Rumming”

Pedigree:    Written by Poet Laureate master John Skelton during the reign of Henry VIII.    “Elynour Rummynge” does not appear separately printed as a stand-alone work in any of the records Mr. Furnivall studied.    However, he lists four printed collections (by John Kynge and Thomas Marche, Jhon Day, Richard Last, and W. Bonham).    Only the last printer’s mark mentions a date (1547).

Synopsis:     “Elynour Rummynge” is a poem which describes a “bout” of drinking at the inn of the titular ale-wife, by local country women.     The inn, the women, their desperate need for ale and the disparate items they offer in trade for it, and the unsanitary, coarse conditions of…well, everything, are depicted vividly in rhymed couplets.

Availability:      A copy of “Elynour Rummynge” appears in Volume I of Alexander Dyce’s  “Poetical Works of John Skelton”.      Google Books copy is here:



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