Daily (?) Captain Cox–“Skogan”

Pedigree:  “Gestes (Jests) of Skoggon (Scoggin)”    was licensed to Colwell for printing, according to the Registers, in 1566.      Of this early printing, no copies are known to have survived.    The earliest surviving printing is from 1613,  but the copy transcribed by Hazlitt (see below) is a printing from 1626, by (?) F. Williams.



Synopsis:   This collection of adventures and pranks involving Master Scoggin has him often (but not always) playing the part of a barber-surgeon or doctor. In one jest, Scoggin and a companion contrive to make and win a wager with a shepherd that  his sheep were really hogs.      He keeps his sheep but loses two shillings.      Furnivall describes a tale in which Scoggin “tames” his “hot” / “curst” wife with multiple bleedings (with the moral that “…and (it is) an unhappy house where the woman is master”), and ends this section with the words, “…the (anecdote) above will perhaps be enough for the reader.”



Availability:    Online copy of “Shakespeare’s Jest Books” volume 2, which contains “Jests of Scoggin”, here:



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