Daily (Captain) Cox–“The Knight of Courtesy and the Lady Faguell”

“Pedegree”–per Furnivall, “The only edition known is by Wyllyam Coplande, not dated, but probably before 1557 as there is no notice of it in the Stationers’ First Register.”

This sad story involves a married lady who meets the knight of the title after the Knight’s courtesy and valor cause her husband to invite him to their castle.     Knight and Lady fall deeply in love but agree to “love in chastity”.     The Lord of Faguell is told of this, and sends the Knight on Crusade.     The devastated Lady sends her hair with the Knight as a favor before they separate.   The Knight goes to Rhodes (winning jousts and slaying a dragon along the way), and fights bravely against the Saracens before falling to an attack from all sides.

When the Lord of Faguell learns of the Knight’s death, he siezes the opportunity to take a cruel, grisly revenge on his wife, with tragic consequences.

Joseph Ritson, an early nineteenth century scholar, edited / annotated Coplande’s edition of the story in Volume Three of a larger work called  “Ancient Metrical Romances” (1802).    There is a downloadable copy here:



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