Mirror, Mirror


Welcome to the new collection site for original compositions, old class notes, and ongoing amateur research.     My first new-ish project will be to re-create some of the content lost in the Great Geocities Purge Of Ought-Nine  ™, e.g. a transcription of “Merie Talys of the Made Men of Gotam” with Handy-Dandy Elizabethan Non-Standardized Fpeling Gide  8)

Those of you who know me will know I’ve studied a little bit about certain collections of Renaissance music (I’m thinking of Spain’s Cancionero de Palacio and Thomas Ravenscroft’s collections) and bits of medieval music (a few Cantigas de Santa Maria here, a few songs from Carmina Burana (codex) there).     Usually when I research music it’s for an original contrafact / filk, or to find pieces to incorporate into an amateur-reenactor street show.

Mostly, though, I’ve studied 16th-Century jestbooks like A Hundred Merry Tales and the aforementioned Mad Men of Gotham.    Notes for classes on base tunes and jestbooks will migrate here.


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